As an extension to my photography business, I also offer wall art. My goal is to help you enhance any interior space, brighten up your office, home, conference centre, or beauty salons with beautiful calming and soothing images.

The above images are in the Panorama Medical Centre, and were chosen from my Tumbleweed album. They were printed on perspex at A1 size, and hung away from the wall, parallel to it, so the shadow creates a 3D effect. Printing on perspex looks more chic and modern.

Proud moment as I hang more of my photography in office suites at Stein Associates in Greenpoint Mews. These images were chosen from my West Coast album. Again, perspex was chosen by the clients to add a modern chic look to the office. These are the regular perspex prints. However if you would prefer a non-reflective surface then matt perspex can be printed.